1. Today’s prompt is Test. My dog is testing my nerves so that’s appropriate. 
  2. Speaking of tests, I’m thinking about going back to school and I would have to take a college placement test. I’m 17 years out of high school and that terrifies me. 
  3. My kid has a job interview today, which is sort of like a test. 
  4. I have three pets- two cats and a dog that’s about to turn one. They drive me insane and I’d have four more pets if it was possible. 
  5. I’m going to be 35 soon, and I have some feelings about that. 
  6. I probably won’t keep up with this blog, but maybe? 


I’m hoping to journal here in a 6-thoughts format using the daily word prompt from here. My thoughts may or may not all have to do with the prompt, but having it as a starting point will encourage me to keep up with blogging.